NoNotts Massage Updates

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***   UPDATE:  January 1, 2021  ***

If you have recently been diagnosed with COVID:
Due to the nature of massage being very close in proximity, in an enclosed room for an extended period of time, and the pressure put on the face and sinuses while laying face-down, please do not book a massage until one of the three following rules apply:

1)  Your symptoms have completely subsided, -or-
2)  You have tested negative, -or-
3)  If asymptomatic, 30 days has passed since your positive COVID test


Anyone COVID-positive showing up for an appointment with active symptoms or within 30 days of their positive test will be turned away and will not be booked again at NoNotts in the future. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these unsure times. We take our clients' and employees' health extremely seriously and are doing our best to go above and beyond to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID for everyone we care about!

*** UPDATE - JUNE 20, 2020 *** 

Hello friends!

We have a new update to share: Governor Brown has declared that begninning Wednesday, June 24th, masks will be required at all times while in indoor public spaces. This includes appointments at NoNotts Massage.

Please note, however, you will NOT be required to wear your mask while lying face-down on the massage table.

We understand that this could create discomfort with breathing and the protocols issued by the Oregon Health Authority allows masks to be removed when face-down, but must be put back on when turning face-up.

If you have any questions regarding this new protocol, please feel free to contact us anytime at (503) 740-5443 or

We appreciate your business and your patience as we navigate this situation to keep you and our staff safe at all times!



June 1, 2020



Hello friends, we've missed you!!


First, we know this is a lengthy message, but all of the information below is very important and pertinent to your next massage. Please read it all carefully before booking!

We are happy to say that we are officially open again for appointments!


Here is a little overview of what to expect when you visit:


Client Information:

-  During online booking, in your reminder emails/texts and in-person, you will be asked to a few questions about whether you've been experiencing cough, fever or shortness of breath, or have been in contact with someone who has. Please answer honestly as your safety and the safety of our therapists depends on it!

-  When you arrive for your appointment, your therapist will need to take your temperature with a touch-free forehead thermometer. You will also be asked to wash your hands before beginning your massage.

-  We are required to keep client records (name, phone number, date of visit) for the public health department in case contact tracing is needed. Please know that this information is NOT shared with anyone else, and will ONLY be provided to the authorities if they require it.



Precautions we are taking to keep you (and our therapists!) safe:

-  Therapists will wear masks at all times, and will wear a new clean apron on for each appointment.

-  The table and face cradle are covered in an impenetrable vinyl covering that is fully sanitized between every client, and covered with a fresh blanket and set of sheets. All linens are stored in a separate room, away from open air and client contact.

-  The treatment room and reception area will each have a large capacity air purifier with a HEPA filter that filters down to .03 microns, and fully cycles the air in each room every 9 minutes.

-  As always, lotion and gel bottles used for massage are hygienically contained and wiped down between every appointment. You are also more than welcome to bring your own if you like!

-  Between every appointment, stringent sanitizing protocols for the treament room and office will be followed, including wiping down all frequently-touched surfaces and items.

-  Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available to clients at all times

If at any time you have questions about our new procedures, please let us know! We know there is a lot to take in with so many changes everywhere. NoNotts Massage is 150% committed to providing you all with the safest, cleanest and most soothing massage in town!

We can't wait to see you very soon!

Best Wishes,
Amy and the NoNotts Crew