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The NoNotts Team
The Owner

Amy Smith

Amy started NoNotts Massage in 2009, and has since grown the business to have three fabulous massage therapists available for appointments. She always makes sure that any LMT that works at NoNotts is personable, caring, really focused on helping to tailor each massage to each individual client and that they truly love what they do. She is now the primary contact person for NoNotts, and your go-to gal for any questions you may have.

Our Massage Therapists

Amanda Drakulich, OR LMT #20074

I graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2013. I first began my career with my own need for a more holistic approach to my health. After experiencing chronic back pain as a teen and young adult, I turned to massage and found that it was not only relieving my back pain and tension, it was also helping me with anxiety, stress, sleep and overall wellness. I truly believe in the mind body connection and I thrive to provide comprehensive, individualized care that not only relieves pain and tension, but also promotes relaxation and overall well being.

Kasara Lintner, OR LMT #17105

Having experienced chronic pain in the past I know first hand how exhausting it can be, both mentally and physically. By combining different approaches, including massage, I have been able to dramatically decrease my pain and I'm here to help you on your journey to decrease yours! I received my training at Everest Institute in Tigard, OR with a focus on deep tissue and Swedish massage. Throughout my 8 years I have gained experience with all ages and body types. Communication plays an essential role to a great massage, so lets figure out how to best use your time to help you feel your best!

Shannon Brown, OR LMT #16789

Hey y'all I'm LMT Shannon! Massage therapy has always been something I have wanted to do for my profession. I was interested in high school and did my senior project about oncology massage. With my senior project I became associated with East West College of the Healing Arts where I later took all of my classes to become a licensed massage therapist. I graduated in 2009 and quickly became licensed and have now been practicing for 10 years. The modalities I generally practice are Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Swedish/Relaxation, Prenatal, but I am also trained in Myofascial, Trigger point, Hot Stone and Lomi Lomi. Although massage is my first love of this life I have an incredible hubby and my two kiddos!!! And when I am not in the office helping clients feel their best I'm usually doing the mom thing. I greatly enjoy camping, yoga, baking, couponing, Netflix, music, going to the park and walks with my kiddos, and my hubby takes us on fun family adventures!!! Now that you have met me a little bit I look very forward to meeting you and the privilege to help decrease your pain and feel more comfortable in your body so that you may live your best life!!!  

Here at NoNotts, we have a simple philosophy: listen to the client's wants and needs, and create a tailored massage to help them reach their goal as quickly and painlessly as possible. We work hard to make every individual's experience a great one. Check out our reviews below to see a few clients who agree!

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Our Policies:


These policies are in place to keep a mutually respectful environment for our wonderful clients and myself. Please be sure to read through all policies prior to booking an appointment, as setting an appointment with NoNotts Massage implies that you agree to adhere to all policies. Thank you!



Late For Appointment
If you fail to show up for your appointment on time, your alloted time does not go over. Due to other clients being scheduled immediately afterward, we are unable to work past a set appointment time. Please be sure to show up 5 minutes prior to the start of your appointment time in order to avoid losing important massage time.


If for any reason you must cancel your appointment, please call within 24 hours of your set time. Any cancellations that take place in the 24 hours prior to your booking (up to within 6 hours) will result in a $10 fee. The fee will be added on to the total of your next massage. If you are unable to make it due to a last minute emergency that takes place within that 24-hour time frame, please still call to cancel and explain the issue at hand. Your fee may be waived if it is an unforseen issue.


No Shows
If you have booked an appointment and fail to show up by 15 minutes past your initial start time and have not called within 6 hours of then to cancel, you will be charged for the full

session cost, which is due within 72 hours. If you have a gift certificate or prepaid package of any kind, it will be considered "used" and void for future use. You are responsible for double-checking the date/time of your booking, keeping track of the appointment and allowing ample time to find the building when it is your first visit. Forgetting your appointment and getting lost are not sufficient reasons for avoiding the no-show fee. Please call as soon as possible if you know you will not be able to make your appointment or will be late - it is greatly appreciated.


Returned Checks
If your payment check is returned due to insufficient funds, NoNotts Massage will issue a $35 returned check fee along with an additional $10 handling fee. This bill will be emailed to you and must be paid within 3 days.


Gift Certificate & Prepaid Package Expirations
Gift certificates expire one year after purchase date. Prepaid packages expire after 18 consecutive months of non-use from last visit date.