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I’ve never had a massage. What should I expect?
When you arrive for your session, you will be asked to fill out a short medical intake form letting us know of any health issues you may have. Once we have chatted with you about any pain or tense areas you might have, and what kind of session you are looking for (ie primarily relaxation or pain relief), the therapist will leave the room so that you may undress. You only undress to whatever your comfort level is, and you will be under a sheet and blanket throughout the entire massage. A body part is only undraped when it is being massaged, and your private areas will always be fully covered. We do not provide “optional draping” as it is the ethical thing to do as well as the law to cover a client. And the therapist will never massage underneath the sheet – only exposed skin will be massaged. If at any point, for any reason you feel uncomfortable, you absolutely may stop the session. You are in charge and are always encouraged to voice your feelings if the pressure is too light or deep, the room is too warm, the music is too loud – the session is yours and the #1 goal is to help you relax as deeply as possible.

How often should I receive a massage?
It is highly recommended that you get one once a month, but depending on your activity level and/or any chronic conditions you may have, the recommended amount can increase. For example, when recovering from an injury it is best to have 1 or 2 massages each week during the recovery process. This helps any scar tissue that is forming on/around the muscle to grow parallel to the muscle fibers instead of in a random, chaotic pattern. This helps to retain range of motion for the affected area and ensures proper and speedy recovery time that could otherwise take longer.

Is it true that massage has to hurt for it to really make a difference?
This belief is absolutely, unequivocally false. If massage is painful, your muscles will tense up against the pressure and become even more tight and injured than they were to begin with. It’s important for the pressure of a massage to feel good, but not so light that you can’t feel it relaxing your muscles. Out of a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being WAY too hard, a good goal to aim for is a 3.5. Some people like to call it the “hurts so good” pressure… you know it’s deep enough to work out those knots but you’re still able to fully relax your muscles. It should never, ever, ever hurt and if it does, please say something!

When should I not receive a massage?
There are a few exceptions as to when massage would not be recommended;
• Intoxicated in any form
• Having sustained a severe injury within 72 hours.
• Ill with cold or flu at any stage (massage can make you feel worse since all the toxins are moved around) and/or suffering from fever, vomiting and chills
• First trimester of pregnancy (unless cleared by your OBGYN)
• Experiencing a migraine attack (massage very often can make it worse)

It’s the day after my massage and I’m sore and groggy. Is this normal?
Absolutely. Depending on how long it has been since your last massage, your muscles may feel like they’ve had a hard workout. It’s much like hitting the gym after not having been very active for a long time… the muscles are stretched and knots are worked out, causing lactic acid and cell debris to be released from the tissue. This can also cause a groggy or flu-like feeling the day after, but can be avoided if you drink plenty of water after your massage. Some people experience these symptoms while others don’t – it depends on each individual.

We specialize in pain relief massage for cash patients as well as car accident claims, focusing primarily on the back, neck and shoulders. Since 2009, we have worked extensively with many clients who have pain for various reasons, and we have worked together to manage and erase that pain so that they may resume their normal lives as soon as possible. It is always very important to us that every client feels heard, and that they get exactly the treatment they are looking for and needing at each particular visit. You've dealt with your pain long enough (one whole day is too long!), and you deserve to feel your best!

Session Prices

30 min  -  35.00

60 min  -  65.00

90 min  -  95.00

*Prices listed are a 50% discount for payment

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We offer complimentary aromatherapy options with every session! Choose your favorite and add an extra element of relaxation to your massage for free.