Focusing On Your Health:

A Message on Coronavirus

Hello, dear friends.

We have been closely following the current situation with the spread of COVID-19 and the ever-increasing social distancing measures Governor Brown has implemented as well as new recommendations by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.


Although we do not do business in groups of 10 or more, their calling for avoidance of close contact to any other person by six feet or more directly speaks to our way of providing care and has forced us to truly consider our responsibilities in "flattening the curve" and protecting you and others.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart but a strong feeling of ethical responsibility that I have decided to temporarily close NoNotts for three weeks as of Monday, March 23rd, with a tentative plan to re-open on Monday, April 13th.

We know many are grappling with chronic pain and that regular massages with us are very important. Please know that this decision was a very, very difficult one and not taken lightly in the least. Your health and the health of our massage therapists is of paramount importance, and with more cases being reported daily it has become an unavoidable necessity.


For those of you who have made prepaid appointments during this period of time, the system will either credit your NoNotts account or provide a refund to your original payment type. Please feel free to contact me with any questions in this regard.


At this time, the schedule is open for bookings beginning on April 13th if you would like to do so and secure your preferred spot, and if there comes a need for you to cancel or reschedule, please rest assured that no fees would be applied!


Also, gift certificates will continue to be available for purchase anytime through our website and do not expire.

I will stay in touch and keep you all updated on where we are at in the process of re-opening as well as any other updates we may have.

Thank you for sticking with us through these unprecendented (and pretty surreal) times. We truly appreciate you! We look forward to a few weeks from now when we get to see your wonderful faces again!


May you and yours stay safe, happy and very healthy. Talk soon.



Best Wishes,
Amy and the NoNotts Crew

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